Shakiraisabel - News 2021-05-04T12:30:00-04:00 Shakiraisabel 2021-05-04T12:30:00-04:00 2021-05-04T12:30:00-04:00 Cicadas Are In! Lexie Moore Need some style inspo for this summer's hottest looks? We’ve been hearing your comments on our socials, that some of our Baelien’s aren’t feeling very confident about flaunting the earlobe accents. Well worry no more, for we have got you covered with some of our newest, nature themed earrings that compliment any fashion trend you’re trying out this summer!

The famous Cicada Earrings 

Talk about a burst of color with these bad buggers! Tis the season for such creatures to take flight. Take a little risk and try them out with our top selling Victorian Garter Belt Tights!

Next we have the Urania Butterfly

These rainbow beauties are ready to shine, as they light up the room wherever you dine! Try them as an accent piece to a contrasted darker wear like our exclusive Outerspace Tube Top

Did someone say Fijian Bee Earrings

“Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” These little buzzers are sure to fill you with glee! Who doesn’t want such a delightful accent to buzz in them sun with this sexy Velvet Ball Sleeve Top?!

Fashion help is on the way with these Life Saver Earrings

Did someone say pool party?! Although you may not actually want to bring them to the poolside, these are perfect for any barbecue or patio party this summer. We recommend pairing them with our awesome Cosplay Sailor Set

Say cheese for these Transparent Smiley Earrings

Who doesn’t need more smiles nowadays? These earrings are guaranteed to get you noticed with some friendly faces, around the neighborhood. And to match, we have sone incredible Be Happy Sunglasses to add extra enthusiasm to your day!

Give me a P for the Pastel Pom Pom Earrings

And for our final trick, give it up for the Pom Pom Queen! These beautiful balls of fluff are fun, lightweight, and ready to bounce to the beat of your drum, around the town.  We suggest a hot Coral Tie Dye Hoodie, to pair with them. 

No matter who you are or what style you possess, there is no need to ever feel like you simply can’t pull off a little fun around the ears. We can assure you that these accent pieces are ones to be remembered. 

Now get out there and be your baddest, hottest self Baelien!

]]> 2021-04-02T12:00:00-04:00 2021-04-02T12:00:00-04:00 A Sunshine Distancing Lexie Moore Sunshine is rounding the corner, and Spring is finally here!

For the many sufferers of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) this Winter, it is a nice and welcoming change of season as far too many of us are still stuck inside, and social distancing. This month we are focusing on positive vibes and embracing our sun’s vitamin D (with sunscreen, of course).

Here are some friendly tips for enjoying the outdoors and social distancing in style:

If you’re over walking round the same park, try having an outdoor fashion show!

We really want to emphasize how imperative it is to maintain socially distancing in your community, to help stop the spread while vaccines are still underway.  Nonetheless, we also know that the change in season can bring on a whole new wardrobe and attitude about one's self image! Maybe you’re someone feeling more apprehensive about putting on the fishnet tights with that denim dress you loved from last summer; or perhaps you feel less motivated to dress up in general, from being locked inside for so long. Well without further ado, here is your personal letter of approval to get out there and strut your stuff in whatever makes you feel good.

*Social Distancing Tip: Make a group chat to plan out where everyone will be meeting (large park, beach, river) and designate stations for distanced photographers along the runway path for each person. 

**Tag us @alienoutfitters on instagram to show us your favorite styles!

Do a solo self care photo shoot in the blooming flowers!

If you’re feeling yourself and want to treasure your newest Cosplay Sailor Set, try a solo shoot with your local blooms! Spring is a magical time with a wonder of wildflowers all around the country ready to spread joy to all who see them. 

*Tell us what flowers you found in your neighborhood by tagging us @alienoutfitters 

Walk barefoot in a field of grass!

Whether you are someone who fancies reading in a park or bring out a basket of bread, cheeses, and wine to watch the sunset, feeling the warming green grass under the soles have been proven to improve your overall mood. As if quarantine wasn't difficult enough, this long winter has made many people feel evermore isolated and disconnected from things that bring them happiness in life. Mother Nature has the next best cure with her welcoming plains of green medicine, to induce feelings of grounding and comfort no matter what day you’re having. 

*Let us know in the comments or on Instagram what books you are reading this Spring!

Whatever your outdoor pleasure entails, we hope that this new season of heat and sunshine bring as much positive vibes as you all give us, every single day.

Stay sparkling hotties ;)


]]> 2021-03-03T15:30:01-05:00 2021-04-10T15:17:04-04:00 Spring Cleaning like a Queen Lexie Moore Well we’ve made it to April and you know that means.. Spring Cleaning is in full swing! Time to dig out the old warm weather clothes from the dusty bins of our storage rooms, as winter makes it way out of our sight.

To many, spring cleaning is about purging old materials or items that don’t serve us anymore; but for some it holds a different meaning entirely, to that of meeting one’s new goals and leaving negativity behind. 

The change of season can come with many headaches, especially given the last year, but not to fear as this year the AO team has got you covered without best tips to keep you thriving and same in this transition to spring! 

Remember that small accomplishments go a long way

Maybe your goals for this cleaning revolves around finally organizing that guest bedroom that looks more like a storage unit. Or perhaps, you’re looking to clear out your office space from wandering zoom meeting eyes.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither does your room need to be Marie Kondo standard. Cleaning and organizing are morally neutral, and just because you don’t get them done in a day, does not mean that there isn’t time for it tomorrow. Relax, and enjoy the process. 

Out with the negative; in with the positive 

For some, Spring cleaning is the perfect time to readjust our perspectives to ones that really align with who we are. Many we’re feeling anxious about the change in temperature due to the pressure of wearing warmer clothing. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to break away from some of the toxic social media feeds and influencers you follow, for peace of mind. Following those of similar values and even body positive pages, are quite helpful to one's mindset of themselves. 

You don’t have to get rid of anything, or make your home any more “perfect”

A common misconception with this time of year is that people need to get rid of things, donate big piles of clothing, and then present their homes as a completely upgraded version from before. This is simply not true. You are not obligated to participate in this process, whatsoever, if you simply don’t want to. The greatest takeaway of “Spring Cleaning” is to do away with the things in your life that aren’t’ serving you.  There shouldn’t be stress induced at all by this made up event, only joy and connection to yourself in the process of growing. 

Remember, every Baelien is perfect just as they are. So get out there and be the

]]> 2021-01-31T21:00:00-05:00 2021-03-06T09:03:42-05:00 Practicing Self Care In Stressful Times Lexie Moore It’s no secret that the past year has hit many of us Baelien’s, harder than usual; especially in the mental health department. In troubling times it is always best to focus inward and create a self care plan, if you haven’t already. 

Self care is sometimes demonized for taking more “selfish” acts of spoiling oneself, but really it’s just as important as getting enough sleep, and fueling your body with nutritious food. Self care can be anything from a doings your favorite craft like knitting, baking a new scone recipe, or even playing a video game. There is no shame or guilt in taking charge of your physical and mental health by doing things that bring you joy. 

Here are just a few social distancing friendly things you can do, on your self care days.

Take a walk in nature 

It sounds very cliche, but who doesn’t like seeing those forest aesthetics on Pinterest? Why not experience them first hand and breathe in that fresh- earthy air. This may also be beneficial if you have a lot on your mind and need time to be one with your thoughts. 

Take a lavender and Epsom Salt Bath

Lavender is commonly known for its soothing, relaxing effects and can even improve your mood and sleep.  Epsom salt, won over by athletes around the world, is not only a muscle recovery mineral, but it’s also high in magnesium and can provide relief from bloating and build up in the digestive tract. Pair these two together with a candle and a book, and you are set for an evening of bliss.

Talk to a loved one

For many of us, we are forced to be distant from the people we love, to keep everyone safe. This doesn’t help on days when we’re feeling down and isolated already, so it may be time to schedule out that FaceTime date with your best friend or family member. 

Clean your space

Cleaning is typically not an exciting self care activity that first comes to mind, but who can object to the incredible feeling of accomplishment and peace after a deep clean? With the exception of those who feel stress or pressure tied to the activity, tidying up like Marie Kondo in the safe haven of your room or reading nook can have physical benefits lIke releasing dopamine (the happy hormone). Not to mention, who doesn’t love coming home to well made bed?

Move Your Body 

This doesn’t even have to mean exercise per say, moving your body can mean you get up and stretch or do a little dance (maybe even a TikTok dance).  Movement releases the hormone serotonin which induces the feeling of happiness, mental clarity and mood stability. 

No matter how you choose to treat yourself on your self care days, remember that you are totally worth the hype! You deserve every moment of peace and joy that comes from doing whatever feels good for you. 

Happy self care weekend Baelien’s!

]]> 2021-01-28T08:00:01-05:00 2021-03-06T09:04:08-05:00 Conventional Beauty Standards Are Killing Your Vibe Lexie Moore We see it all the time. Photoshopped bodies, unrealistic beauty standards, and algorithms catering to the 'deal' look. A constant attack on what we should and shouldn’t look like, is a dissertation beyond a single blog post. 

Comparison really is the thief of joy

It is likely that you have lied to, for the majority of your life when it comes to interpreting what standard of “external beauty, can be defined. The truth is, everything is simply beautiful. Every living thing and every living creature holds an external beauty within them, no matter how we perceive them. External beauty can fit the mold of what we are taught as “conventional beauty” or something entirely polarizing. Without this polarity or even minimally going against the grain of the conventional, there couldn’t be room for growth.  This being said, it is incredibly important to remember that no matter what your style is or how you decide to dress yourself up, there is no right or wrong way. All is acceptable. 

Dressing for your taste- not society’s 

Bringing attention to oneself can be intimidating, especially for the few of us shy creatures. However it goes without saying that how one decides to dress is truly none of anyone else’s business, and shouldn’t really matter in the first place.  When eying those leather belts or fishnet tights to go with your new black mini skirt on Shakiraisabel, try not to worry too much on how you think others will react to your taste of fashion, and think first about what items of clothing will bring you the most joy in wearing. Remember this journey to self love is about embracing who you are, despite the haters waiting on standby to ruin others’ day.  Forget them and listen to your inner voice and do you boo boo


A letter from us to you:

Dear Baelien, 

You are more than enough. Your flesh is your power battery to life, but in no way a defining trait to who you really are in your soul. You are beautiful in every way, just as you are. I know that it is easy to worry and think negatively of yourself with all of the constant misinformation about beauty, that breeds comparison from our media; but I can promise you that comparison is just the draining of joy. Joy is what encompasses us as we experience life on our terms- a feeling of wholeness and pure happiness for the present. What we feel naturally cannot come from a place of imitating a false reality, so be the you that you naturally are. Accent your individuality as you see fit, with infuses of intention of satisfying yourself. You are not the universe's creature that is designed to be a copy, but a creature of the universe to express your ultimate self. You are you and that is your power.


Your Baelien Family

]]> 2021-01-22T18:00:00-05:00 2021-03-06T09:04:36-05:00 The Confidence Mantra Lexie Moore At Shakiraisabel, we love to embrace all diversity, from our supporters and all beyond, to the ends of the universe. Our community is filled with incredible creatures of beauty far and wide, but sometimes we hear of a few extra terrestrials feeling hesitant to go out and strut their stuff. Fear not, sweet aliens, we have been there too and we want to help empower you as you are.

Confidence in these times of uncertainty, isolation, and overstimulated social media is a difficult thing to manage.  So with this in mind, the AO family wants to invite you to try this confidence mantra for whenever you are feeling down about yourself. 

“I am beautiful. 

I am brave. 

I am worthy, 

And I am strength.

There is no one like me and that is my power,

No matter the circumstance, 

No matter the tower

There is no other me to do me like I can,

So here I am world, 

Here I stand,

Only I have the opportunity to harness this truth

And the truth is that I am no less than proof

Of my intelligence

My worthiness

My kindness and my love,

As I smile and I strut

I will always be more than enough,

Even if enough seems like more than I can handle,

I will rise to the occasion,

And I will light up like a candle. 

I cannot be broken down

I am all that I will be ever be, 

And being Me is more than enough

To me.”

We love you beautiful extraterrestrials! Remember to keep being you :)

]]> 2021-01-01T17:00:01-05:00 2021-03-06T09:03:07-05:00 Embracing Your Inner Alien Lexie Moore Welcome home to a place where you can be yourself without the fear of judgement from people who don’t even know you. Hello fellow Aliens, this is your planet now, so feel free to embrace your weird

Today’s lesson: How to Handle People That Judge You 

First of all, anyone who feels so inclined to take the time and energy out of their day to talk shit about you, is just jealous of what you have.  No one with a life and a full schedule has that kind of free time to be an asshole.  Not to mention,  just think about the kind of day that that person is having, where they are so charged with negativity that they need an outlet like you to let some of that steam out.  Feel bad for them, and get on with your badass self. 

Weird is cool! 

What makes you weird to one person, could hold the potential for the next best innovation of our lifetime. As a society, we love to look up to famous people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who created technology that changed how we live forever, but we often don't take into account the amount of negativity and adversity they had to overcome when they started. Average minds think in average ways and what constitutes as “weird,” is really just unique and embodies out-of-the-box thinking. 

Remember that the root of your uniqueness is the source of your power. Many people want to believe that their faults in life are what hinder them, when really it could be the secret to your greatest strength.  Maybe your way of thinking holds the key to seeing a problem in a new light that leads to its solution.  Or perhaps the creative way you presented a presentation, captured the eye of a major investor that could launch a new empire with your ideas. Don’t underestimate the power your weird can have on shifting the current reality of limited perspective. 

You are perfect in your weirdness, so keep on being you. 


Fellow Extraterrestrial

]]> 2020-12-25T13:00:00-05:00 2021-03-06T09:05:17-05:00 Slutrepreneur Podcast and Facebook Group Lexie Moore Want to know more about sex work, slutreprenuership, or how to promote yourself as the bossy babe you are?  Hop on over to the podcast and facebook group for real time highlights and updates of what my businesses and people in the industry are doing. 


To say 2020 was an interesting year, is a complete understatement. So many things, good and bad, have occurred this year but one thing that surprised me the most in this year of seclusion, would be the in power that social media has brought us all together.  From TikTok to Instagram, YouTube to Podcasts, this year alone more people have connected through social mediums than ever before; and have gone on to create online influencer presences if not businesses right from their couches!  Who knew it would only take a global pandemic to resent the ever turning wheels of the rat race,  to create a new adventure of online opportunities like never before. 

The Slutrepreneur Podcast was created to spread the secrets and success stories of Ana Dee, in her journey to building the ultimate empire of sex positive content and e-commerce. Insider details from creating an Onlyfans to speaking with a lawyer on the legalalites of safe online sex work, is only the tip of the iceberg this Slutrepreneur has in store. She has also created the Slutrepreneur Facebook group for real time updates and specials to her online stores; not to mention an entire community of sex positive Boss Babes who share meaningful advice on all things business. It’s a fantastic resource and community to network with for anyone interesting in getting involved in the industry. 

Tune in each week on Apple Podcast for new Slutrepreneur content, and head on over to join in the fun on facebook to see what new topics are available for engagement. 

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